Education Sector Programmes

Education Sector Programmes

At Ovalsquare, we are well aware of the importance of professional development for those who are charged with teaching and nurturing our children.

Haven trained over 25,500 private and public-school leaders and teachers; we know that for schools to grow so must their people. Commitment to continuing professional development and 21st-century skills is the mark of those looking to future educational realities. We understand this.

Ovalsquare Integrated Services Limited has a combined 25 years’ experience in teaching and learning. We are constantly developing cutting edge professional development contents for the education sector.

Our unique training delivery methodology puts learning and learners at the center of everything we do. Our approach is practical experiential and highly enjoyable ensuring the maximum benefit in the workplace. Our experiential methods are informed by up-to-date research into learner-centered and interactive approaches. This means we take on board differing learning styles, learners’ expectations, and the effectiveness of training room techniques on each.

We are constantly adapting, refining, and updating our training programmes to ensure they are cutting-edge and practical. Our approach is interactive and highly regarded and feedback from schools, school leaders and teachers is extremely positive.

Our pool of facilitators has verifiable experience in the education sector and we are constantly recruiting the best practitioners available. Their expertise and qualifications are garnered from a rich variety of organizational backgrounds and roles. 

Our overarching approach is based on a cycle of acknowledgment of current practice – reflection and critique – lessons learned-action. Participants are guided towards their own learning outcomes which fosters sustained behavioral impact and transferability of skills absorbed.

Some of our Education Sector Offerings

Professional Development for School Leaders (The School Lead Project)

Professional Development for Middle Managers

Professional Development for Teachers

Professional Development for Non-Teaching Staff

Human Resources Consultancy Services for Schools

Study Abroad Services