Creative Startup Programme

Creative Startup Programme

The Creative Startup Programme is a flagship Ovalsquare Integrated Services Limited initiative that aims to marshal the start-up culture in the country and build a strong and inclusive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship.

About the Creative Startup Programme

With the launch of the Creative Startup Programme, several initiatives have been implemented with the goal of supporting entrepreneurs, building a robust startup ecosystem, and transforming Nigeria into a country that creates jobs rather than seeking them out.

Learning and Development Programs

Our startup learning and development programme provides a step-by-step guide to starting a creative business.

Key Program Features

1. Industry Insights
Explore successful entrepreneurs’ real-life successes and failures across different industries and fields.
2. Certification
An official Creative Startup Pogramme certification will be awarded to you.
3. Networking & Mentoring
Participate in interactive discussion forums with other Entrepreneurs

Program Syllabus

1. Idea Validation
Idea Identification and Assessment
Identify your idea and assess it in relation to your potential customers and the market environment
2. Moving forward with your Idea
Dissect your personal values, and how these relate to the purpose of your business, and visualize the future.
3. You and Your Customers
The participants imagine who their customers are, what their customers’ values are, how to reach potential customers, and how to make sure their business meets their needs.
4. Finance
Understanding Finance Basics
Learn the fundamentals of finance & accounting, including financial statements and break-even analysis.
5. Introduction to Business Planning
Evaluate your business and discover how to create a successful business plan for your venture.