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Practice Management Advisor


Gideon is a versatile business professional who has achieved success as an entrepreneur. He has successfully established two thriving businesses, namely Hapaweb Solutions and hapaSpace Innovation Hub. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Gideon is an accomplished speaker and a prominent influencer among the youth. He also indulges in writing as a leisure activity. With a wide-ranging work experience encompassing customer service, management, operations, and training development and delivery, Gideon has made significant contributions in these areas. His work has taken him to more than 46 countries, where he has successfully delivered online programs and conducted face-to-face initiatives in Africa and Asia. Gideon holds accreditation from the British Council as an Intercultural Fluency trainer, reflecting his deep commitment to bridging cultural gaps. Notably, he traveled to China to develop intercultural skills in 1000 teachers as part of a pre-departure exchange program. Having accumulated a decade of experience in entrepreneurship and business development, Gideon focuses his efforts on creative artists, fintech, and agritech. He leads and actively engages with the Kumasi Literary Community and the Kumasi Arts Community. His keen interest lies in nurturing young individuals who are developing solutions to address local challenges, and he devotes his time to supporting their growth. He is an African German Young Leaders (AGYLE) 2021 fellow. Gideon also takes the lead in organizing virtual musical and poetry concerts as a collaborative project between hapaSpace in Ghana and the Creative Arts and Visual Imagery Centre (CAVIC) in Abuja. Until January 2021, Gideon served as the Chairman for the Ghana Hubs Network (GHN), where he played a pivotal role in organizing a nationwide tour across Ghana's ten traditional regions to facilitate grassroots entrepreneurship policy hackathons. He is an active member of AfriLabs, a network comprising over 300 hubs across Africa. Additionally, Gideon is part of an 8-member consortium responsible for implementing the AfriconEU project on behalf of the European Union. He also contributed to the training team that mentored over 1000 young individuals under the Digital Jobs Africa Project, a joint initiative by the Rockefeller Foundation and British Council.